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Canword for Android and iOS, is an Omni Reader that brings you the latest news and best stories from around the world, related to your interests.

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Simply select what interests you from our various streams and leave the rest to us. Canword will present the most happening stories to you from the top publishers in the world.

Like a story enough to keep it? Or in a hurry and can't finish it?
Save it for later in your custom Journal

Journal is your powerful Read-it-later tool. Any article you save to your Journal will be available offline for you and will continue to exist even if the original article is removed by the publisher.

"Half knowledge is worse than ignorance" - Thomas B Macaulay

Unlike other readers, Canword always brings you the complete story, rather than just a short excerpt from it. Canword provides you with a fast and seamless reading experience that will win you over.

Stories from all over the world… even your friends and family

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Our Team

Harscelle Goenka

Founder & CEO
Thinker. Visualizer. Conceptualizer. Perfectionist
The Do-it-all Solve-it-all guy.

Vivek Yadav

Co-founder & CMO
Handles Marketing and Outreach
Passionate for Technology and Loves Questioning.

Ashwin Nitnaware
Design Lead

Pramod Bopche
PHP Lead

Ashok Jangeti
iOS Lead

Nishant Kumbhare
iOS Developer

Akash Bhajani
Android Lead

Narayana Reddy
Testing Lead